Geoff and SOI alumni present to IWCO

Geoff and SOI alumni present to IWCO

On February 20, 2018, Geoff Green and Students on Ice 2018 Arctic Expedition alumni Matthew Linehan and Sara Dubé had the honour of presenting on SOI’s transformational journeys, including the SOI Foundation’s recent Canada C3 expedition to the Ambassador of Denmark to Canada Niels Boel Abrahamsen, his wife Karen, and the International Women’s Club of Ottawa.

The International Women’s Club of Ottawa is a wonderful organization that supports cross-cultural learning among its members and we were grateful for the opportunity to introduce our program, highlights from our journeys, and SOI’s impact inspiring and empowering youth as global ambassadors. It was especially fitting to present on SOI’s journeys at the Ambassador of Denmark to Canada’s residence as Greenland is an integral part of every SOI Arctic Expedition. The expedition brings onboard students and staff from Greenland each year to share their homeland and engage in cross-cultural and cross-national discussions around Indigenous culture, climate change and ocean conservation among other important Arctic and global topics. Greenland is also part of each expedition’s itinerary as students and staff visit communities, explore fjords and glaciers and learn about the Arctic through a more holistic, circumpolar lens.

A special thank you to Ambassador Abrahamsen and Karen for welcoming us into their home and providing this opportunity to share the SOI Foundation’s journeys and outreach initiatives.

Prince Albert launches ‘2018 Students on Ice’

Prince Albert launches ‘2018 Students on Ice’

Created in Canada fifteen years ago, the “Students on Ice” programme offers young students the opportunity to take part in an educational cruise every summer where they come into contact with the realities of the Arctic region and discover how it is evolving.

Over the past 11 years, thanks to a partnership between the Department of Education, Youth and Sports and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, two students from the sixth form in the Principality are selected each winter to take part in this once-in-a lifetime experience.

Photo (c) E.Mathon/Palais Princier

In the presence of Prince Albert, the 2018 selection process, which will pick two winners from the “Life without plastic” contest, was launched on Friday at the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier in Monaco.

On hand were the winners of the 2017 edition, Léa Collange, and Célia Benkerrache, and Geoff Green, the Founding President of Students on Ice, presented the programme for the 2018 mission.

After, the Sovereign Prince visited the exhibition “Climate Change in Lapland – What can we do?” accompanied by curator Stéphanie Lefrère. The exhibition is located in the hall of the Auditorium at the Lycée technique.

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Coast to coast to coast with Shaun Majumder

Coast to coast to coast with Shaun Majumder

The C3 Voyage was more than a Canada 150 celebration. Shaun Majumder greets the Polar Prince as it finishes it’s cross-country voyage in Victoria, BC.

This Hour has 22 Minutes host Shaun Majumder interviews Canada C3 Expedition Leader Geoff Green, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami President Natan Obed and participants onboard the Canada C3 expedition on their journey.

Discovering Two Poles and Three Coasts: Albert College presentation

Discovering Two Poles and Three Coasts: Albert College presentation

Albert College was filled with awe and wonder as students from Grades 4 to 12 discovered two poles and three coasts with environmental educator Geoff Green on Thursday afternoon. Mr. Green also spoke to a packed house on Thursday evening at Albert College with many local community members. Having grown up in Prince Edward County, Mr. Green was thrilled to be speaking in Belleville as he still has a strong connection to the area.

Mr. Green is the Founder of the Canada 150 project Canada C3 and the Executive Director and Founder of Students on Ice, an award-winning program that takes students to the polar regions on educational journeys. He was named one of Canada’s “Top 40 under 40”, was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2012 and has received many other prestigious awards.

During his presentation, Mr. Green shared his story from the recent Canada 150 Signature Project called Canada C3, which concluded only 4-weeks ago. As the founder of this project, Mr. Green’s heartfelt recollection of the 150-day expedition was moving. He shared the story of how he sailed from Toronto to Vancouver with a different group of Canadians during each leg of the journey. The ship travelled 23,000 kilometres through three oceans along Canada’s coastline, visiting 75 communities in 10 provinces and territories. The first stop was Picton. 

Mr. Green began his presentation by saying, “We are so lucky to call planet earth our home. As I travelled around the world, I fell in love with this planet. Seeing things like icebergs, which are natures sculptures, seeing penguins and polar bears and of course meeting the Indigenous people of the world, I was hooked.”

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Canada 150 ice breaker nears end of journey from coast to coast to coast

Canada 150 ice breaker nears end of journey from coast to coast to coast

By Gemma Karstens-Smith, The Globe & Mail
Published: October 24, 2017

When a massive ice breaker arrives in Victoria’s harbour this week, it will mark the end of a 150-day-long journey exploring Canada’s coastline, communities and future.

The trip from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage coincides with Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations, but celebrations are just the beginning, said Geoff Green, expedition leader for Canada C3.

By the end of the journey, the ice breaker – called the Polar Prince – will have travelled 23,000 kilometres and visited 75 different communities.

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Three oceans later, Canada C3 expedition arrives in Vancouver

Three oceans later, Canada C3 expedition arrives in Vancouver

‘It’s been a journey of incredible stories, learning about Canada’s past, our present and our future’

By Clare Hennig, CBC News

Published October 23, 2017

Three oceans and 145 days into an epic sea voyage, the Canada C3 expedition has docked in Vancouver on the final leg of its 150-day trip from one side of the country to the other.

“It was amazing to sail under the Lions Gate Bridge [on Monday] morning as the sun was rising,” said Geoff Green, founder and expedition leader of Canada C3.

Pulling into Vancouver was a real moment to reflect on the trip, he told CBC guest host of On The Coast Gloria Macarenko. Green had been in Vancouver earlier, before leaving on the trip.

“I didn’t think we’d ever get here, but here we are,” he said. “It’s been remarkable. It’s been a journey of incredible stories, learning about Canada’s past, our present and our future.”

The Canada C3 expedition passes through the Torngat Mountains. (Jackie Dives/Students on Ice Foundation )

Three oceans and coastlines

The expedition team left Toronto on June 1 and passed through Canada’s three oceans from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific.

“Every single day we’ve stopped, for 145 days, at small towns, big cities, national parks, marine protected areas, just kind of wrapping the country in a blanket of stories from coast to coast to coast,” Green said.

He recalled one memory from the trip, when he was travelling with an 70-year-old Inuit elder who told him a story about getting shipwrecked and stranded on an island when he was five.

The next day, the ship stopped at that very same island in the Northwest Passage and the team found pieces of the boat from more than six decades earlier.

Further up the island, the group then discovered an old letter dating back to the mid-’80s and then later, on top of the island, came across an ancient Dorset site.

“And that’s just one evening in the journey,” Green said.

The Canada C3 expedition passed through three oceans and coastlines from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific . (Michelle Valberg/Students on Ice Foundation )

‘Voyage of reconciliation’

The trip is part of a project for Canada’s 150th anniversary, but Green said it is as much about moving forward on a path of reconciliation as it is about celebrating the past.

“This has really become a voyage of reconciliation,” he said.”It’s been a journey of incredible stories learning about Canada’s past, our present and our future.”

The Canada C3 expedition is set to be completed this week, with plans to arrive in Victoria on Saturday.

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