On February 20, 2018, Geoff Green and Students on Ice 2018 Arctic Expedition alumni Matthew Linehan and Sara Dubé had the honour of presenting on SOI’s transformational journeys, including the SOI Foundation’s recent Canada C3 expedition to the Ambassador of Denmark to Canada Niels Boel Abrahamsen, his wife Karen, and the International Women’s Club of Ottawa.

The International Women’s Club of Ottawa is a wonderful organization that supports cross-cultural learning among its members and we were grateful for the opportunity to introduce our program, highlights from our journeys, and SOI’s impact inspiring and empowering youth as global ambassadors. It was especially fitting to present on SOI’s journeys at the Ambassador of Denmark to Canada’s residence as Greenland is an integral part of every SOI Arctic Expedition. The expedition brings onboard students and staff from Greenland each year to share their homeland and engage in cross-cultural and cross-national discussions around Indigenous culture, climate change and ocean conservation among other important Arctic and global topics. Greenland is also part of each expedition’s itinerary as students and staff visit communities, explore fjords and glaciers and learn about the Arctic through a more holistic, circumpolar lens.

A special thank you to Ambassador Abrahamsen and Karen for welcoming us into their home and providing this opportunity to share the SOI Foundation’s journeys and outreach initiatives.